Bring Culture Alive With a Gift From Modern Method

When it comes to finding that perfect gift, you want to explore options that add a sense of style with a taste that's unique and authentic at the same time. That could mean adding an artistic touch to liven up a loved one's home.

There are so many places online and in public stores that have a variety of home décor gift ideas. Some of them are trendy while others cater to personal style. With Modern Method, you have the option to shop for gifts online from a vast collection of contemporary pieces.

The Origins of Design and Culture

All culture comes from shared beliefs among a group of people. These beliefs stem from common denominators such as religion. Culture shapes holidays, rites, and rituals within a certain region. And if you look closely, you'll see it reflected in the food, arts, and entertainment.

In fact, culture and design work together to produce some of the finest works of art. Certain paintings, sculptures, and fashion trends all have their origins in cultures from around the world. The use of color, shape, and form all shed light on shared values among people of certain regions.

Some countries, such as India, value red as a color that represents love, commitment, strength, and bravery. Consequently, you'll notice its widespread use in fashion design and religious art. In the Western world, green represents growth, harmony, wealth, and the environment, whereas in China it means cleanliness and purity.

Design and World Culture

The idea of a world-class shop full of unusual gifts stemmed from travel. A few years before the conception of their business idea, the founders of Modern Method did a lot of traveling around the world. They saw firsthand the types of norms and values each country around the globe held. They soon came home and transferred these ideas into a cultural business. It was then that the Modern Method was born.

Finding the Perfect Gift at Modern Method

Versace medusa Rhapsody vases on a mantle

Modern Method specializes in all types of designer goods, from fashion to home decor. Items come in a variety of styles such as Versace Home. Other trends include the Fink decor trends and the Home Accents collection. Each collection is refined with a color scheme that sets the perfect mood for you and your home.

Versace Home Style

Deep, intricate designs use black trimmings that bring balance to any home piece. Versace style is best described as a meeting between the classical and the contemporary styles of home decor. In short, the style brings you back in time while keeping you rooted in the present. Our most popular items are from the Medusa collection and include Gypsy boxes, the Rhapsody vase, and the Lumiere ashtray, all of which bear the head of the famed ancient legend herself.

Medusa Gypsy Boxes

The Medusa Gypsy boxes are great for holding small objects such as earrings. These tiny, decorative pieces have the infamous goddess carved in a bust style. Each is crafted using porcelain and comes in white, silver, gold, and black. They are the perfect companion for your jewelry box.

The Medusa Rhapsody Vase

A medieval gold leaf style characterizes the Medusa Rhapsody Vase. The gold leaf motif is a series of roses and flower vases that wrap around the base. The sharp gold color bears an interesting contrast to the pure, porcelain white and is a luxurious addition to any home.

The Lumiere Ashtray

The face of Medusa in all her glory adorns the center of the Lumiere Ashtray. The piece is crafted from the finest glass. Each piece is fully handcrafted and free of toxins. And much like our fingerprints, no two pieces are exactly alike. Some minor features like glass bubbles add beauty and make each ashtray highly unique.

Fink Decor

Created in 1984 by Henry Fink, the Fink style is like no other. It propelled us headfirst into the 21st century with its modern zeal. Pieces were crafted in a sleek silver trim for an urban look that described contemporary. The Sevilla Lantern and the Cameron Lantern are two that stand out.

The Sevilla Lantern

Strong teak and stainless steel form the general structure of the Sevilla Lantern. It combines a centuries-old personality with a modern touch. You can set a candle in the center that's secured by a firm glass border and carry it from room to room when the lights are out. An easy-grip handle of thick, corded rope makes that possible.

The Cameron Lantern

From the looks of this masterpiece, the first thing that comes to mind is the bird cage. Its sleek, steely outer design was inspired by old bird cages. Your candle fits right in the center and can cast an even glow for hours.

Home Accents

Home Accents offers a collection of items that highlight your home well. Each item bears an influence of the classic mixed with a hint of the modern. Consider the Jug Jug and the So Ho bookend.

Jug Jug

At around 11 inches, this classic depiction of an upper torso is nothing shy of stunning. The Jug Jug mimics an old statue from the classical period. This one could be daring but it does make a good ewer for any drink on a hot summer day. The arm piece is the handle on this one.

So Ho Bookend

The So Ho bookend is highly effervescent with its vast array of bright, rainbow colors. It is made of the finest hand-cut crystal, yet it's strong enough to support all your finest books on one shelf.

Pick Up a Great Gift Today

Modern Method has a plethora of handcrafted items you can choose from to grab something for yourself or to gift to someone you love. You can browse our collection of three different styles to find the right fit for your aesthetic. Reach out to us today for more gift ideas and info about our pieces.