Unique Artifacts I Found on My Copenhagen Visit

I fell in love with Copenhaguen on my first visit a few years ago because of its inspiring culture, design, and architecture. 

For the last couple of years, I’ve been fully obsessed with Scandinavian design. I was finally able to return to Copenhagen in May 2022. During this visit, I was laser-focused on design houses, which are scattered across the city.

Danish design is minimalistic, efficient, and functional, which is beautiful in its thoughtful simplicity. We spent four days walking the streets of Copenhagen, strolling alongside canals, and breathing the city's energy. Luckily for me, you can't walk more than a block without passing a furniture or home goods company. I honestly was in heaven!

Would you like to learn more about the artifacts I found when walking around Copenhagen? The highlights of my trip were these great finds:

Artifacts I Found in Copenhagen

This asymmetrical stoneware vessel, part of the Vulca series of miniature vases, has a tactile surface with a burst bubble effect made of a reactive metallic glaze that makes every piece look unique. You can style it solo or club it with other vases from the series. The compiling contrast finishes add textural appeal to your home.

The Vulca Mini Vase in Off-White looks subtle. It is perfectly textured and a little asymmetrical. You can decorate it with a single bloom or a couple of fresh buds. The Vulca Mini Vase collection is available in a variety of muted tones that you can easily style as a standalone item and also use to add texture and height to a space. As every piece is made of a reactive glazing technique, they look unique on the off-white vase.

Fabio Vogel has designed this floating vase, which is inspired by spinning tops. If you fill the floating vase with a flower, the water creates a rough exterior, which makes the Float look unique and mesmerizing. The vase always looks exquisite, with/without a flower. So, you can adorn the vase in your preferred way to create the desired effects in your home. Follow an organic and playful design language when decorating your interior with a floating vase.

A crystal tea light is perfect to use as a decorative piece in your home and also for special occasions. This hand-cut and perfectly polished crystal candle holder can illuminate your mantles, tables, and more with a single tea light. Don't place this crystal tealight in direct sunlight because of its prismatic nature. Clean the tea light with a soft cloth as and when required to retain its original charm. 

The Glacies vase by AYTM was named after icebergs. The vase's cone-shaped base resembles a piece of ice, the peak of which nicely pieces via the cylindrical water container. The Glacies vase, made of mouth-blown glass and smokey black, has geometric shapes and textures. It looks charming as both empty and filled with flowers/green branches. You can also gift this sculptural vase to your loved ones. 

Pictures of the Glacies M Vase on the shelf

As mentioned earlier, the Glacies vase by AYTM got its name from icebergs. This glacier vase made of mouth-blown glass is large. The vase is a mesmerizing combination of geometric shapes and textures and looks perfect both as empty and filled with flowers/green branches. The smokey black color of the vase adds warmth to your home interior. 

The SOL candle holder, inspired by the sun, emits a glowing light wherever you place it. The golden-colored and cylindrical-shaped candle holder captures the flame when casting warm and atmospheric reflections from the surrounding colors. The candleholder's minimalist brass design can look great on your decorative tray, wall shelf, or dining table. 

This Ora bowl is a dusty rose in color and made of stainless steel and lacquered powder. Ora bowls' matte exterior and interior's glossy surface create a unique play of light and reflection caused by the steel edge characteristics. The edge gives a unique dimension to the soft shapes as the material is exposed behind the colored safe. You can find the Ora bowls in two sizes and two color ranges. 

This ora bowl is the same as mentioned above, except its color is dark powder Burgundy. Its matte exterior and interior glossy surface emit playful light and reflection interrupted by the steel edge. The soft shapes create a surprising dimension as the material stays exposed behind the colorful surface. 

More Scandinavian Design:

Andrea Larsson and Julie Hugau founded Reflections Copenhagen in 2015 after. They both discovered a mutual interest in art and decoration and are inspired by the dynamic reflection of the Art Deco movement. The innovative shape of every piece is created to capture and modify light, and then create an array of attractive shadows. If you are looking for sophisticated yet functional handmade items to decorate your home, go for Reflections Copenhagen. They have implemented time-honored techniques to make these items that stay for generations. 

My 4-days stay in Copenhagen will be memorable for life because of the exquisite artifacts I have found in that city. If you love to collect and decorate your home with unique artifacts like me, you should visit Copenhagen at least once. The furniture/home goods companies in every block offer you plenty of options to choose from. 

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